Making more customers and merchants happy.

We help merchants and customers make more deals
using AI to make smart offers that are beneficial to both.

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Improve business performance with smart offers created by AI that learns quickly what customers really want.
Access Quant Price in the following ways.

Usage Pricing

Convert more free users to paying customers and retain them longer by learning how they measure value and offering them the perfect price for their usage.

Inventory Management

Avoid clearance sales and running out of stock by pricing perfectly by selling inventory at the perfect rate.

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Do a FREE A/B price test to compare total margin at two prices.

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Quant Price Smart Features

We help you by automatically learning from user behavior to make the perfect offer. Factors we consider include:


Information about how people use products is extremely valuable.


You can now control sales automatically so that you never run out of inventory.

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Make the right offer every time. Give loyal customers a good deal or give great introductory offers to new ones.


Use location and demographics to offer to your customers what they need most.

Why Not?

35% of revenue typically is a lot of money.
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How does it work?

We follow three steps.


Installation of the Quant Price Manager be as easy as installing an app.


The Price Manager tests multiple offer strategies and learns automatically and quickly from customer reactions.


The Quant Price Manager uses its knowledge base to constantly improve the offers it makes.

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